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Lumps on Dogs: When You Should Be Concerned!

Category: Health
Lumps on dogs - should you be concered? Finding a hard lump on or under your dog’s skin is not uncommon. Sometimes skin lumps (more officially called skin masses or skin tumours) can be present for weeks or months before they are noticed, often during a bath or grooming appointment. more
Get a Mystery Crate of Geeky Goodies for Your Dog

Get a Mystery Crate of Geeky Goodies for Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
Get your geek on! Loot Crate, a monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers, has introduced Loot Pets, a box just for dogs. If you’re a big a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes, Loot Pets is the perfect way to deck your dog out with nifty pet gear. more

Dogs Meet Sprinklers

Category: Dog Life
Digi submitted by Heather Sample Swaney Emmie submitted by Julia Morrow Pandora & Bear submitted by Tammy Liscio more

Lifesaving Dogs For Diabetics

Category: Inspire
A flight from Pittsburgh back to her desert home near Bakersfield, California, could have turned deadly for type 1 diabetic Patti Kasper had she not had her trusty service dog, Tzaylie, by her side. more

Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Dog’s Dental Health

Category: Health
Despite the fact that periodontal disease affects an incredible 80 percent of all dogs by three years of age, many of us neglect our dog’s dental health. But know this: the health of your dogs’ mouth directly affects their quality of life, behaviour, and even the length of their life.  more


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