Camp Canine

Category: Dog Life
Alysa Slay loved going to “sleep-away camp” as a kid. She even worked as a staff member at an overnight camp once her days as a regular camper were over. “I am just a big camp person,” she chuckles. “There’s something about the environment that’s so special, where you can try things you don’t normally get to do at home. There’s also the aspect of making friends and memories that last a lifetime—what’s not to love?” more
People Foods For Dogs:

People Foods For Dogs: Superfood Edition

Category: Nutrition
1. Coconut more
Banixx Beagle

What do you do when your dog has an ear infection?

Category: Health
In Partnership with Banixx Does Fido fixate on his itchy ears? Does he scratch and shake his head repeatedly? Have you noticed a foul odor, redness or swelling in the ears? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog may be suffering from an ear infection. more
Choose Your Own Adventure

What's Your Summer Adventure?

Category: Dog Life
By Car more
5 Fun Sports for Dogs

5 Fun Sports for Dogs

Category: Play
Gone are the days when keeping a dog active involved the backyard and simply a stick or a ball. Today, dog lovers can participate in a whole array of different dog sports, ranging from dock diving to even dancing.  more


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