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Be A Super Hero: Foster a Dog!

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Why foster a dog? When Emmie was brought into Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA, burns covered most of her small body. Veterinary staff believed it was a chemical burn but weren’t sure how it happened or what the substance was. What the shelter did know was that their “super foster” of five years, Peggy Coppin—she’s fostered over 100 dogs to date—would provide the temporary home Emmie needed to recover. more
Ringworm and Your Pet

Ringworm and Your Pet

Category: Health
Although the name often misleads pet owners into thinking a worm has invaded their pet’s bodies, ringworm is actually a fungus that can affect the hair, skin and nails. Common in cats, this fungus can lead to circular patterns of hair loss and red, scabby bumps. Before you introduce another pet into your home, knowing the facts about ringworm and how to prevent the skin condition from spreading is crucial. more
Fuel the Love

Fuel the Love

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Zuke’s, maker of natural pet treats, has launched a very cool social media campaign. Now through June 30th, the Durango, Colorado-based company will donate $5 to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund for every person who follows @ZukesPets on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and tags their action-packed dog photo with #FuelTheCure. more

Are You the Cause of Your Dog’s Barking Problem?

Category: Dog Training
Q: My Miniature Poodle Daisy barks when anyone—including my husband—enters our home, but only when I'm at home. Everyone can come and go without four-alarm barking from Daisy so long as I'm out. What gives and how do I fix this? more

Goodbye Yellow Spots, Hello Lustrous Lawn!

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  The problem: burnt patches on your lawn. more


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