Here’s Why You Should Give Your Dog Kelp

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Generations have recognized kelp for its human and canine health benefits. For over 400 years, fishermen and farmers along the rugged Nova Scotia coast have fed their pets hand-harvested kelp from the cold Northern sea waters, crediting their dog’s good health to the nutrients found in the kelp. From iodine to iron and amino acids, kelp, rich in natural salts and minerals, has 70 of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients dogs need. Kelp’s benefits include: more
Smile of the Day: Adorably Awkward Dogs

Smile of the Day

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As long as I stay very, VERY still, it probably won't notice me... Photo: Top Image:   more

10 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

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1. Apple Many a dog loves apple. Crunchy and sweet, apples are a source of vitamins A and C and fibre. Apple seeds, however, contain cyanide so your dog should not be allowed to eat the core. If your dog has consumed an apple core, seeds and all, don’t worry; a few seeds won’t hurt but overtime could cause deleterious effects so don’t let your dog get in the habit of crunching down your apple core. more
joint health in dogs

5 Tips to Improve Joint Health For Dogs

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Joint health for dogs! There are many different reasons why a dog might develop joint problems. These mainly fall under two categories—developmental, where the joints don’t develop properly, and degenerative, where the cartilage around the joints deteriorates over a long period of time (think arthritis and osteoarthritis). Developmental joint problems include issues like hip and elbow dysplasia and are typically genetically inherited conditions. more

Behind The Scenes!

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Ever wonder who actress and model Kate Upton’s #1 man is? It’s her beautiful Boxer Harley! Kate and Harley recently showcased their special bond in an adorable six-part video series for the new Link AKC smart collar. more


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