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Road trip with Dog

A Man, a Dog, and a Great American Road Trip

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On a mild, rainy night in the Spring of 2018, I patted the mattress of the bed in the dog-friendly inn where Albie and I were spending the night in Bennington, Vermont. Albie is the soulful yellow Lab and Golden Retriever mix our family had adopted six years before, when I was 58 and he was, our vet surmised, about three. Albie hopped up on the bed and lay his head in the crook of my arm. As I had every night during during the road trip with my dog, I gently stroked his head, told him where we were, where we would be going tomorrow, and what a good guy he was. more
New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

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Ever wonder how many breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club? 187. Aren’t canines wonderfully diverse? There’s a dog for everyone. Get to know these three breeds newly recognized by the AKC. One just might be the dog for you! more
Dominant Dog Behavior

Is The Dog In Charge?

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Could you have Dominant Dog Behavior issues? Are you beginning to think your relationship is one-sided? Sure, you tend to spoil your dog. But perhaps lately you’re starting to feel like your dog wears the pants in your partnership. Do you need to worry that your dog is trying to be the“dominant” dog? more

Best Beds

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{For the Snuggler} Some dogs love the cozy feeling of being beneath the covers or in a den-like environment—this is the bed for them! The Snuggle Cave Bed from Kona Cave pairs a comfy bolster bed with a detachable cover to create the perfect snooze environment. From $295, more


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