Professional Dog Trainer

Tales From a Professional Dog Trainer

Category: Dog Training
Learn The Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer! The magnetic Tom Shelby is not only a lifelong dog trainer (and former Westminster Dog Show handler) with a specialty in Search and Rescue dogs, but a master storyteller too. more

CBD to the Rescue

Category: Health
Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) are being reported to help dogs with problems ranging from anxiety to canine cancer. Here’s how to give it a try. more
4 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Senior Dog

4 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Senior Dog

Category: Health
1)  Help Your Dog Get Enough Exercise. Just because our golden oldies are content to spend most of their time curled up on the couch doesn’t mean we can shirk our responsibilities where their (at least) twice daily ramble is concerned. It’s paramount to our aging dogs’ physical and mental health that they get out there everyday—albeit it at perhaps a slower pace—to move those bones and experience a change of environment to stimulate their senses. We too could spend all day lying around but it certainly wouldn’t be good for us! more

Apps for Dog Lovers

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Walk For A Dog Available: For Apple and Android Price: Free */ /*-->*/ more
Don't Choke Me

Don't Choke Me!

Category: Dog Life
Picture this scenario. You're crossing the street and ahead of you is a man walking his dog. His dog has on a prong collar—a metal collar with fanglike protrusions encircling the neck—and he's straining on his leash. The owner gives a tug and the fangs tighten around the dog's neck, choking him and stopping him short. Once he recovers his breath, he resumes dashing forward. Frustrated, the owner jerks the leash again. The same process plays out over and over, with the dog no more aware of what his owner truly wants from him.   more


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