Pet Talk: Getting Your Pets Microchipped

Pet Talk: Getting Your Pets Microchipped

Category: Dog Life
Many of us take every precaution we can to protect our pets. With growing technology in the veterinary field, new measures of protection for companion animals are now available to owners at a low cost. Microchipping, one of the newest ways to locate and identify lost animals, is growing in popularity and efficiency. more
Instagram Dogs

Smile! 5 Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

Category: Inspire
Instagram is, of course, an inspiring (and scarily addictive) source of food and fashion pics, but nothing will brighten your day like following these famous and soon-to-be famous furballs. Whether you need a simultaneously funny and adorable dog-photo to put a smile on your face or inspiration for a pup-inclusive outing, these Instagram dogs are up to the task! more

Explain the Buzzword

Category: Health
If you’ve ever wondered what probiotics are and why gut health is increasingly thought to be important for overall health, you’re not alone. The buzzword “probiotics” is thrown around a lot lately, with TV commercials and dairy-aisle packaging routinely touting their benefits. But what exactly are probiotics, and what do they have to do with health and wellness? What are probiotics? more
4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

Category: Dog Life
1. Adopt, Don’t Shop Make adoption your first option this holiday season! Avoid buying anything from pet stores that sell puppies because most of them come from puppy mills. Instead, search for local adoptable animals. more

Behind The Scenes!

Category: Celeb
Ever wonder who actress and model Kate Upton’s #1 man is? It’s her beautiful Boxer Harley! Kate and Harley recently showcased their special bond in an adorable six-part video series for the new Link AKC smart collar. more


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