5 Easy Steps To Help Your Dog Drop The Extra Weight

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Ask an Expert: Jennifer Adolphe, a PhD in companion animal nutrition, registered dietician, and senior nutritionist at Petcurean, tells us how to accurately assess a dog’s weight and offers 5 tips to help your pup drop the extra pounds! We all want our dogs to be healthy, and managing weight is an important part of that. If dogs become overweight, it puts them at greater risk of osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, and pancreatitis. more
traveling with dogs

Top Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs

Category: Travel
Thinking about traveling with your dogs? Taking your dog with you on your next trek can make the trip more fun whilst also reducing your worries about leaving them with a sitter or at a kennel. All you need to do is be prepared and plan carefully. Keep these expert tips in mind before you head off on your next adventure with your dog! more
12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Despite our love of dogs, we humans sometimes do things that annoy the heck out of them. Though almost always unintentional, these things can nevertheless be irritating or even detrimental.  Just as many dogs don’t initially grasp that certain canine behaviours might annoy us—sniffing a person in a private spot or jumping up on strangers come to mind—we too make gaffes that can worry, annoy or even anger our dogs. more

Canine IQ: How Smart is Your Dog?

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Petting Wars

Category: Dog Training
Q: My dogs have a tenuous relationship that can erupt into violence, keeping everyone in my home on edge. One of the triggers is when I'm paying attention to one dog and the other comes over. What can I do to help them get along and create harmony in my home? more


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