TV Bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese Finds True Love of a Different Breed

Prince Lorenzo Borghese
TV Bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese Finds True Love of a Different Breed
An unexpected “tale” of wags to riches


It was the ninth season of The Bachelor when Lorenzo Borghese thought he found true love. But the hunky Italian businessman called it quits and walked away, with little hope of finding his soul-mate… until now.

Just over nine years later, with Hollywood in his heart, Borghese found himself in what would be the most important rose ceremony of his life–right here in Los Angeles. Fifteen hopeful contestants begged for a chance to take home a rose, and live happily ever after with this real-life prince charming! But it was Titan who stole Borghese’s heart, forever changing the course of their lives. Watch the dramatic ceremony here:

Los Angeles is full of other four-legged beauties just like Titan, longing for their chance to find true love. “Adopt Don’t Shop,” states Kim Sill, founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop in Thousand Oaks. “There are thousands of homeless animals looking for love, and they are relying on us to adopt them.”

“All animals deserve to be loved,” states Borghese, a longtime animal advocate and founder of Animal Aid USA. “A dog is a perfect companion, and a true testament to man’s best friend.” 

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