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When life gives you lemons…

This former service dog turned surfing dog (or surfice dog, if you will) raises money for a disabled friend. The heartstringtugging video, which follows the dog’s training from puppyhood, is about overcoming obstacles. Have tissue handy— this one’s a tearjerker.


We love you, too, Mishka.

Someone call Letterman: Mishka is a talking Husky—with heart. She proves what we’ve all known all along: dogs not only understand us, but they love us, too! Now if we could teach our dogs to tell us before they use our carpets as a potty.


Perambulating Pug

If you love Pugs pushing strollers and the Pacific Northwest, this is the video for you. Get into the ambient music and let the magic of this Pug out and about in Portland, Oregon, take you over. The pink parasol she totes is a very nice touch.


Dog VS mirror

This clip of a dog playing with his reflection is really far funnier than it ought to be. Aren’t puppies the darndest?


Dog VS toilet

The Jaws musical score sets the scene for the attack in Dog vs Toilet. It looks like the dog wins. The owner, clearly, is the loser. Definitely time for a bath after this.


Canine cuts a rug

Check out this spicy merengue. A dancing dog busts some serious moves on the floor in this mind-blowing video, putting our dance moves to shame.


Unlikely BFFs.

Amazing footage of two of our all time favorites: polar bears and dogs! You’ll melt over the friendship founded in the snow.


The odd couple

Nine-year-old Bulldog Bugsy watches after this zoo’s orphaned animals, including Malone, an impossibly adorable little Orangutan. Watch for the 0:25 second mark when Bugsy gives Malone a kiss.

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How about the door climbing dog!
Tue, 09/17/2013 - 13:06

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