Top 4 Dog Subscription Boxes of 2019

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Top 4 Dog Subscription Boxes of 2019
Keep seeing subscription boxes everywhere? Find out which one would suit your dog the best.


Toys, chews, treats, accessories… it can be overwhelming just how quickly your dog needs them replaced. If you’re tired of dragging yourself to the pet store to stock up on goodies every month, give dog subscription boxes a try!

These delivery services bring your dog a selection of fun finds every month, and with a variety of subscriptions to choose from, there’s bound to be one that suits your pooch’s needs. Here’s Modern Dog’s top 4 picks for dog subscription boxes!

PetBoxPetbox subscription dog boxes with toys and treats

If you’re just getting used to the idea of subscription boxes, PetBox makes for a great introduction. Delivered to your door monthly, these boxes are full of natural treats and irresistible toys that are seasonally themed.

Highlights: With a reward points program, free shipping and handling, and a choice to pause your subscription from month to month, this service is a flexible choice for practical dog parents.

Price: Starting at $25, get it here!


ShaggySwag delivered dog packages



Looking for a subscription service that’s as unique as your precious pup? Shaggy Swag is the way to go.

Highlights: Shaggy Swag lets you choose what kind of box your pooch will receive – choose from the original box which features fantastic toys and treats, a box built for dogs that need a sturdy selection of toys, or a box built for pups with a flair for fashion. From there, you can tailor your box with additional items to create a one-of-a-kind collection. A perfect box for a perfect dog!

Price: Starting at $25, get it here!




BarkBoxBarkbox dog gift subscription with treats, toys and delivered to your home

Bring a little hilarity into your pooch’s play with these awesomely themed subscription boxes.

Highlights: With a different theme each month like the wild west, dinosaurs, medieval times, or the 1980s, you’ll get a crack out of this subscription service while your dog gets a great collection of quality toys, treats, and chews.

Price: Starting at $22, get it here!

Dog Bundles subscription box for dogDog Bundles

This Canadian Company makes every subscription box with love and care – these completely customized bundles are made up of hand-picked, high quality toys, treats, and accessories!

Highlights: Let Dog Bundles know all about your pup’s size, allergies, chewing habits, preferred toys, and other unique qualities to create a perfectly personalized bundle. With full-sized, all-natural treats made in North America and quality toys that are dog tested and approved, your pup will be waiting by the door for their next delivery.

Price: Starting at $45, get it here





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