Taking Parenting Cues from a Dog Trainer

Taking Parenting Cues from a Dog Trainer
Mad, Bad, or Brilliant?


In a world filled with parenting role models like Homer Simpson (doh!) and Jon Gosselin (yikes), perhaps it’s little wonder that today’s parents find themselves turning to unconventional sources of inspiration. According to the recent New York Times article “Becoming the Alpha Dog in Your Own Home,” some parents are applying the Dog Whisperer’s techniques not only to dog training, but to child rearing as well—with what they say are great results.

While teaching Junior to roll over and play dead isn’t high on most parents’ To Do List (at least we hope not), those interviewed for the Times piece argue there’s merit to the idea of re-establishing the traditional familial hierarchy and are finding inspiration and even practical advice from Cesar Milan. Tell us your thoughts below. Is a dog trainer an appropriate parenting role model?

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