Dog Gifts for Playful Pups

Dog Gifts for Playful Pups

Category: Play
The perfect holiday gift for your ball-obsessed pup! The iFetch Too launches a standard tennis ball up to 40 feet and features a built-in, rechargeable battery. Merry Fetch-mas! more
Fetch a Coffee

Fetch a Coffee That Helps Dogs In Need!

Category: NewsBite
Dog-loving coffee nerds rejoice! Fetch Coffee Roasters gets you. Fetch is owned by people who love and know coffee—and dogs. “Few things are better than that first sip of coffee in the morning,”  their website states. “And with your dog snuggled by your side, you have the perfect start to your day.” more

The Find: Alligator Jerky

Category: Nutrition
Does your dog have allergies or food sensitivities? Treat your dog right! Rayne Rewards S.I.T. Alligator Jerky is not only delicious, it’s a simple ingredient treat made from an extremely novel protein source—alligator—making it ideal for dogs suspected to have skin allergies or stomach sensitivities. We tested it and dogs (and cats!) on any diet love it! more
Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

How Can You Help To Combat Digestive Issues & Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs?

Category: Health
sponsored by Pup Science Let’s take a trip back to high school biology class to better understand what the urinary tract and digestive system do and why keeping them healthy is so important to your pet. This will help you better understand urinary tract infection in dogs,so you can help! more

How to Calm an Overly Excited Dog

Category: Dog Training
“Out of nowhere, he starts racing around like a crazy dog!” “The kids want to play with her, but she gets so excited she won’t stop nipping!” “She keeps jumping on everyone and can’t seem to calm down!!” more


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