Dogs' Past Lives and Secrets Revealed

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Like most people, I thought I knew my dog. For years, Esther has shadowed my every move, and this time spent together had given me fair insight into her personality. Or so I thought. more

The Heart of a Dog  

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Abandoned, discarded, and deemed an irredeemable measure,  from the trash you emerged, an irreplaceable treasure.  You brought a love that money cannot buy, or search for,   but only find, adopt, and nurture. more
The Best Breeds

The Best Dog Breeds

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We’ve shortlisted the best dog breeds for running, cuddling, active owners, apartments, cats, therapy work, endless adoration, and a whole lot more! We asked Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, for the low down on which breeds are the best fit for a whole array of activities and situations. Read on to find out which dog breeds are the best match for all manner of things!   more
Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

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Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

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Are YOU Making These Common Dog Training Mistakes? “She doesn’t listen to us. We’re so frustrated!” the woman said as I walked in the door. “That’s why we called a dog trainer.” It’s true the little Goldendoodle was all over the map. Tell her to sit and she would, but in two seconds she’d jump up and dash off. Sometimes instead of sitting, she would lie down.   “What’s your release cue? The word you use to tell Fidget it’s ok for her to get up from sitting?” I asked. more


Dog of the Week!

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