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Paw Parent Appreciation!

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Dr. Marty Pets is currently accepting nominations for its first-ever “Paw Parent Hall of Fame”. We looking for submissions of amazing dog and cat parents across America, who go above and beyond to give the very best to their pets. This can be everyday pet parents, or pet professionals like veterinarians, groomers, shelter volunteers and more! more
Have A Blast!

Summer-Ready Toys & Gear

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Fearless fetching fun! Unlike a plastic Frisbee that can hurt your dog’s mouth when she catches it, the Floppy Disc ($14) is made of soft materials for a safer playtime. Flexible, durable, waterproof, and it floats—this soft flying disc is perfect for endless outdoor fun!     more
Find the Poo

Can You Find the Poo?

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Find the poo, no bags needed. Hilarious new book challenges you to find the camouflaged dog poop! As any urban dog owner can attest, it can be incredibly challenging to locate the poop you know your pup just deposited, leading to awkward fake 'stoop and scoops' and withering glances from passersby. Lucky for us, author and former ad-man Joe Shylitt is here to help us hone our skills with his very funny and fun new book, Find the Poo. Think of it as the "Where's Waldo" of the dog world. more

Apps for Dog Lovers

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Walk For A Dog Available: For Apple and Android Price: Free */ /*-->*/ more
Do Dogs Grieve Over A Lost Loved One?

Do Dogs Grieve Over A Lost Loved One?

Category: Dog Life
I recently attended a lecture given by an eminent art historian about how the emotions of animals and humans have been depicted in artworks over the centuries. At one point in his talk he showed a photo of Sir Edwin Landseer's 1837 painting, “The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner.” The central figure in this painting is a dog who rests his head on the simple wooden coffin of his human companion, the old shepherd of the painting's title. This scholar's comment was that this was one of the most perfect representations of grief in a dog. more


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