Tiny Dog Stories

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Hair, No Hair One day early in her fight with breast cancer, Genie came home from work, took off her wig, and changed clothes. Then she came downstairs to relax. Our three dogs came running. more
Hero Dog

Hero Dog

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The American Humane Hero Dog Awards’ mission is to search out and recognize heroic dogs who have truly gone above and beyond. It’s from among these remarkable canines, including guide dogs, PTSD service dogs, and search & rescue dogs, that one dog is named American Hero Dog. This year, that dog is Chi Chi, a therapy dog who took 2018’s top honour for her extraordinary bravery and good works. more

Is Your Disobedient, “Untrainable” Dog Actually A Super-Smart Evil Genius?

Category: Dog Training
When Dr. Sophia Yin, a pioneer in force-free positive-reward-based training, passed away in 2014, the world lost a tremendous advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Her legacy lives on, however, not only in training, behaviour, and veterinary communities, but through the many lives she touched by helping people better understand animal behaviour. A core group of her dedicated employees stayed on after her passing to manage the company and continue her work, and it remains an invaluable resource. more

Vacation With Your Dog

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Barkwells takes dog-friendliness to the next level, offering dog-centric vacation rentals in Asheville, NC. Their pup-welcoming luxury cabins and cottages are just part of the equation. What makes it truly unique and, dare we say, magical, is the safe space it offers to run free, swim, and play with your four-legged friend. There are acres of fenced meadows and a pond to explore, all within a gated community that is a haven for like-minded dog lovers. This is the vacation your dog dreams of. more
Improving Canine Dental Health

The Water Additive That’s Improving Canine Dental Health

Category: Health
Is brushing your dog’s teeth a battle? Oxyfresh offers a no-brush option to help reduce plaque and tartar. The Ultimate Pet Bad Breath Solution Kit is a non-toxic and alcohol-free dental care solution that helps to eliminate bacteria, coupled with a dental gel to further target plaque and bacteria. With its tasteless and odourless formula, this combination is perfect for dogs who are picky with new products. more


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