Stray Dog Found Sheltering Kittens To Keep Them Safe and Warm

Stray Dog Found Sheltering Kittens To Keep Them Safe and Warm
How a hero dog protected orphaned kittens from freezing


Who says dogs and cats don’t get on? A sweet stray dog sure wasn’t afraid to help five orphaned and abandoned kittens who were trying to survive the freezing Ontario winter. The hero dog, later named Serenity, and tiny kittens were found by a passerby, with Serenity wrapped around the kittens, cuddling up to them in the snow to keep them warm. The good samaritan called the local Pet and Wildlife Rescue and Serenity and the kittens were picked up and taken to the shelter. 

Upon arrival at the shelter, the bond between Serenity and the little black cats stayed strong and intact. Whilst the cats, who were estimated to be just five weeks old, received much needed flea and worm treatments, Serenity would come in and check on her new friends. 

The heartwarming story drew international attention after the shelter posted a picture of Serenity and the kittens to their Facebook page with the caption “Our stray sweetheart is keeping her ‘babies’ safe at the shelter tonight!” The shelter believes that if Serenity hadn’t found and protected the kittens, they would most likely not have made it through the freezing, snowy night or have been discovered at all as they were so small. 

Whilst the shelter did attempt to find out if Serenity and the kittens had an owner, as no one came forward, they are now being put up for adoption. Because the shelter likes to get dogs adopted out of the shelter environment as soon as possible and the kittens need to stay at a foster home in preparation for adoption for the next two months, Serenity has been put up for adoption without her kitty friends. 

The shelter recently posted an adoption post on Facebook for Serenity, saying that she is a lively, playful, and loving two year old dog who obviously would be happy to live in a home with cats but would be happiest as the only or dog (or to live with a submissive dog) and should be rehomed in a family without small children - she wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt anyone due to her energetic behaviour! The cats will then be ready in a few months to be adopted; who knows, maybe Serenity's eventual forever family will decide to come back and get one of the kittens. Either way, we’re sure the cats will be forever grateful to their canine protector! 

If interested in applying to adopt Serenity, the kittens, or any of the other dogs and cats in need of their forever home at Pet and Wildlife Rescue, check out their site here:

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