Spring cleaning as told by dogs

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning as told by dogs
It's that time again, and these dogs know just how you feel


Oh goodness, the house is a mess. It's like you've been living in filth since last summer. It's time to get to work.

You've gathered up the random stuff that has been left around the house. What a great start!

And you've tackled the yard, things are going well!

You are making progress, but it seems like you have made more of a mess than you started with!

And you've hit a wall. There seems to be no end in sight to the cleaning!!!

Maybe some coffee will help, just a little break for a pick-me-up.

Why is this so hard? You just wanted to get this done, but will it ever end!?

Hey, good job! You got through all of your laundry!

Okay, so the dishes are ALMOST done!

You've hit your second wind! Nothing can step in your way! You may be covered in dirt and dust but you can see the light!

You did it! You finished Spring cleaning and you deserve a spa day!

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