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Dogs with Excess Energy

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We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and enthusiastic about life. But what happens when your dog has too much energy? Just ask Felicia, owner of a six month old Goldendoodle named Barnaby. “Barnaby races around the house like a maniac, grabs things he shouldn’t have, and constantly pesters my older dog and us for attention,” an exasperated Felicia says. She wishes  Barnaby had come with an “off” switch! more
Summer Gear

Summer Gear!

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Encourage interactive play and keep your dog engaged with these durable, Oeko-Tex certified Polartec Polar Fleece rope and tug toys from Knots of Fun. $17,   more

The Power of Second Chances

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Actress Kate Drummond is a big believer in second chances. At age 35, she realized that though she loved her job as an elementary school teacher and had, by all accounts, a wonderful life, it didn’t light her up. When one of her grade three students asked her, during a lesson on Martin Luther King, what her dream was, she paused then answered truthfully: to act. The little girl replied, “why aren’t you doing it then?” more
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Can All Dogs Swim?

Category: Dog Life
Many people mistakenly think that all dogs can naturally swim. This isn’t true. Though most dogs will attempt a doggy paddle if they find themselves in the water, not all dogs are good swimmers or are able to stay afloat. In the latter camp you’ll often find brachycephalic (aka short-muzzled) dogs who can tire easily or have respiration problems in the water, “top heavy” dogs with deep chests and smaller hindquarters, or dogs with short legs. more
Enrichment For Senior Dogs

Enrichment For Senior Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Zazie Todd, PhD, is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Canisius College, where she teaches a graduate course on Communicating Anthrozoology to the Public. She is also a certified animal behaviour consultant, Psychology Today contributor, and author of the popular blog, Companion Animal Psychology. Her new book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy is, quite simply, a must read if you're serious about your dog’s happiness. more


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