Truffle Hunting with Dogs

Truffle Hunting with Dogs

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Truffles have been a culinary delicacy for thousands of years. The tasty fungi have been a staple in the Mediterranean diet dating back to ancient times. Per Greek lore, the hard-to-find mushrooms can be credited to god Zeus and one of his powerful thunderbolts: philosopher Plutarch penned that the heat from the bolt combined with moisture in the ground created the perfect environment for truffles to grow. more

The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Dog

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When you read this article’s title, what came to mind? Was it “Don’t bite people,” or perhaps “Get along with other dogs,” or even “Don’t potty in the house?” True, those are all incredibly important things to teach any dog. But on a less dramatic note, for day-to-day living the most important thing you can teach your dog is how to ask politely for what he wants. more
holistic pet food

This woman-run holistic pet food company is changing how people think about pet food

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Can you eat it yourself? That’s what Debbie Pelczynski asked herself when she started My Healthy Pet, the Canadian, family-owned natural pet food company she founded in 1993. Her not-so-small goal? To change the pet food industry. “Growing up, dogs were my best friends,” she laughs. “I scrapbooked everything about dogs—if I could cut it out and paste it, I had it.” more
Make a Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

Make a Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

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We all love a cake on our birthday, so why not indulge your dog with a little treat on hers? Banana and honey cakes (baked individually so your dog doesn’t over-do it and can share with her canine friends) are a delectable treat when topped with delicious cream cheese and peanut butter frosting. Go to town with sprinkled carob chips to make your dog’s day extra special. What You'll Need (makes six muffin-sized cakes) more

Home Is Where The Dog Is

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Dog of the Week!

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