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What do you do when your dog has an ear infection?

Category: Health
In Partnership with Banixx Does Fido fixate on his itchy ears? Does he scratch and shake his head repeatedly? Have you noticed a foul odor, redness or swelling in the ears? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog may be suffering from an ear infection. more

A Natural Fix

Category: Health
Does your dog suffer from osteoarthritis or other issues causing chronic pain? Or is your dog battling cancer? If so, cannabidiols, or CBD’s, may help. Derived from hemp plants and grown legally, CBD’s are being used to treat everything from cancer to autoimmune disorders to arthritis, often relieving chronic pain and inflammation without the use of pharmaceuticals. And the list of benefits keeps on growing—improvements in appetite, mental activity, and mood have all been attributed to the use of CBD’s. more

When Death Comes as a Surprise

Category: Dog Life
As an animal communicator, I often work with animals that are sick and sometimes dying. It is an aspect of my work that I love. Oftentimes a dog that is getting ready to die will have so much to say to his people. He will give last minute advice on what his beloved two-legged mom and dad need to work on—mom needs to start painting again, dad needs to make more time for exercise, don’t worry so much about the kids—these are things I hear so often from dogs that are leaving us. more

Short Spine Dog Stands Tall

Category: Dog Life
“DOG OF THE YEAR!” reads the top comment on one of @frogqueenivy’s Instagram posts. Like any dog, Ivy, a tiny Pitbull mix, jumps to catch a ball. Unlike other dogs, her leap is less agile and more like, well, a frog. more
Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Dogs:

Category: NewsBite
The debate is heated. The rise in Emotional Support Animals—also known as ESAs—has coincided with them making headlines, and not for entirely positive reasons. You’ve probably heard about the peacock on the plane, along with gliding possums, snakes, spiders and more—oh my! Ivana Trump let her miniature Yorkie romp at a posh restaurant, claiming the pup was an ESA. As a dog lover, you may be tempted to think, what’s the big deal? But people with legitimate service dogs and ESAs say untrained dogs with fake certifications are ruining it for everyone. more


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