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What's Your Summer Adventure?

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Dog Life Hacks

Dog Life Hacks!

Category: Dog Life
Modern Dog readers shared their best dog tips, from the easiest way to get your dog to swallow a pill to what to do if you forgot poop bags, and genius techniques for bathing a reluctant dog. more
8 More Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

8 More Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

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1. Over or Under Exercise A walk or two and a game of fetch is all the exercise that’s usually needed for most dogs. But sometimes our lives become too busy, resulting in us skipping these sessions. Without them, your dog can become bored, destructive, despondent, and overweight. The simple solution: commit to a reasonable amount of exercise for your dog each day.  more

The 10 Warning Signs of Cancer

Category: Health
Sadly, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs and cats. Some estimates suggest that more than 50 percent of dogs over 10 years old will develop cancer. Early detection is key to effective treatment, so we had Dr. Gerald S. Post, a veterinary oncologist at the Veterinary Cancer Center, the world’s largest cancer center for pets, outline the 10 most common warning signs. If you do note any of the below afflicting your dog or cat, don’t panic—these are potential warning signs, not a diagnosis—but do visit your veterinarian. more
Dog Shelters Clear Kennels

Dog Shelters Clear Kennels For First Time Ever

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More stray dogs are getting a second chance at a forever home as animal shelters across the U.S. and Canada see more people applying to adopt and foster pets amid COVID-19 restrictions. In Florida, the Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control has just recently seen one of its three kennels empty—for the first time ever. more


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