Before Your Dog Was Rescued

Before Your Dog Was Rescued

Category: Inspire
The unsung heroes that rehabilitate dogs rescued from egregious abuse—think puppy mill seizures and hoarding cases—play a vital, if oftentimes unrecognized, role in saving animals desperately in need of a second chance and hereto unknown human kindness. more
SPLASH! High Jumpin' Dock Dogs

SPLASH! High Jumpin' Dock Dogs

Category: Play
If you’ve witnessed a Dock Dogs event, you know that it has harnessed a magical combination of ingredients to spellbind audiences. Joyous dogs performing athletic feats? Check. Multigenerational competitors, aka the ever-popular kids-with-dogs element? Check. A water element? Check! (Don’t ask us why this always ups the ante, but it does). Best of all, not only is it an all-ages crowd pleaser, it also welcomes all participants and all dogs—any breed, any size, any mix, as long as they’re more than six months old—and doesn’t require much more than enthusiasm. more
Pets in Crisis

Animal Lovers Donate to Help Ukrainian Pets In Crisis (Photos)

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One week, ago Helen Woodward Animal Center put out a call for support for the Ukrainian people and their animals. In a heartwarming display of compassion and kindness, American friends not only answered that call but surpassed the $50,000 requested match. The Center is proud to announce that today over $117,000 in financial support is being gifted to support Ukrainian pets in crisis.            more

Create Change

Category: Dog Life
When Josh Allen spent time in rural Ethiopia as part of a mission trip with his church, he didn't expect it would inspire him to launch a new personal initiative—but that's exactly what happened. more
Veterinary Detective

Veterinary Detective

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