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Dogs and Children: Healthier in Homes With Dogs

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human foods for dogs

The Healthiest People Foods for Dogs!

Category: Nutrition
*Remember, all treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily diet. Winner winner, chicken dinner! more
Summer Fun Activities for Dogs

17 Ideas For Summer Fun

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traveling with dogs

Top Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs

Category: Travel
Thinking about traveling with your dogs? Taking your dog with you on your next trek can make the trip more fun whilst also reducing your worries about leaving them with a sitter or at a kennel. All you need to do is be prepared and plan carefully. Keep these expert tips in mind before you head off on your next adventure with your dog! more

The Surprising Truth About Why Dog Euthanasia Increases During The Holidays

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Ask any veterinarian when they euthanize the most dogs, and they will tell you “during the Winter holidays.”  In fact, Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, the nation’s largest provider of in-home end of life care for pets, will see an increase of 20-50% in home visits for euthanasia or hospice care the weeks following both Thanksgiving and Christmas. You may not imagine there being a season for this, but there is, for a few reasons:  more


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