Soda Pup

Social Distancing? Need a drink? Help is on the way!

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Before now the dog most associated with alcohol was probably the St. Bernard. These giant dogs have often been portrayed carrying small barrels of brandy around their necks to help avalanche victims (although alcohol is not actually what you want to be drinking if you are stuck in the snow). more

Off Leash Adventures

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Perfect for the dog park or bigger excursions, Dexas’ new line of adventure driven off-leash toys are a must have for all dog owners. Featuring a convenient and innovative integrated clip, the toys quickly connect to the leash, allowing for hands-free transport and easy release when your dog is ready to play. more

Border Collie Wins Trick Competition Performing as Hairy Pawter. Watch the Video!

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Border Collie Amos and his owner, Debbi Snyder of Lakeland, Florida has won the 2020 AKC Trick Dog Competition. This second annual competition was a virtual event, open to Elite Performers, AKC’s highest level of trick dogs. More than 100 competitors from 29 states and Canada submitted videos of performances that were judged by three AKC licensed judges. Their entertaining routine, “Hairy Pawter and The Sorcerer’s Bone,” featured Amos as Hairy Pawter. more

5 Signs Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

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Football, hockey and soccer players are not the only ones to get sidelined due to knee problems. Just like athletes, dogs can end up with a cruciate ligament injury. In fact, cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia, and is the most frequently operated orthopedic condition in our canine friends.  more

Goodbye #Vanlife: A Travelling Dog Photographer Bids Adieu to Life on the Road

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For renowned American dog photographer Amanda Jones, “the end of a 25-year shooting streak is on the horizon.” She’s made the decision to do just 300 more sessions (there are currently 245 left) before ending them altogether, packing up the mobile dog photography studio she’s spent half of every month living out of for the past two-plus years. more


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