Don't Choke Me

Don't Choke Me!

Category: Dog Life
Picture this scenario. You're crossing the street and ahead of you is a man walking his dog. His dog has on a prong collar—a metal collar with fanglike protrusions encircling the neck—and he's straining on his leash. The owner gives a tug and the fangs tighten around the dog's neck, choking him and stopping him short. Once he recovers his breath, he resumes dashing forward. Frustrated, the owner jerks the leash again. The same process plays out over and over, with the dog no more aware of what his owner truly wants from him.   more

A True Hero

Category: Dog Life
At first blush, Hooch, a French Mastiff with badly cropped ears, a broken tail, and, shockingly, no tongue, might not seem the usual Hero Dog Award winner, but he’s the brightest dog-spirit you’ll ever encounter. more
How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

Category: Dog Training
There was a note of puzzlement and concern in the voice of a woman who lives in my neighborhood when she told me, "I was out for a leisurely stroll with my Poodle, Maxime, when a gray squirrel ran across a nearby lawn. Without any warning, Maxime dashed after it, hitting the end of the leash with such force that he nearly knocked me over. Then he dragged me after the squirrel until it escaped up a tree. I don't understand what triggered that behaviour in him. more
The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Category: NewsBite
Romeo and Casper, two perfect balls of white fluff, have become an inseparable, if unusual, duo. Casper the Samoyed’s smiling countenance is delightfully countered by the grouchy visage of his unlikely bestie, Romeo, a flat-faced Himalayan Persian, a juxtaposition that has catapulted the duo to internet stardom. more

Find Out Which Pet Insurance Is Right For You

Category: Health
When it comes to pet insurance, many pet owners aren't sure if they really need it.  more


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