A Dream Vacation for An Animal Lover

Dream Vacation!

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They come to vacation, to volunteer, to take in the acres of majestic natural beauty that the Sanctuary occupies—in short, they come to be a part of the magic. more
Bella and Beau

It's a Charmed Life

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Capture memories in the making, from puppy-chewed shoes to summer days at the dog park, with Bella & Beau's beautiful beads and charms. more

Sleeping With Dogs

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Tesla, an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, slept with her owner, Christena Stephens, for 10 years. She became such a fixture in Stephens’ bed that when the Lubbock, TX resident travelled, “the sleeping comfort was not there because Tesla was not there,” she says. “When I lost Tesla, my sleep patterns changed from peaceful to restless. Perhaps Tesla knew more what I needed in those 10 years than I did.” more
Top Dogs

Instagram’s Top Dogs

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DIY Eat: Hard Work Rewards

DIY Eat: Hard Work Rewards

Category: Dog Life
Ingredients 2 2/3 cups rice flour Approx. 1/4 pound chicken breast 1 teaspoon chopped parsley Approx. 1 cup water   Utensils Cooking pot immersion blender   How to do it more


Dog of the Week!

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