Here's How You And Your Dog Should Celebrate France's National Holiday

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It's Bastille day (le quatorze juillet or la fête nationale if you're feeling French and fancy)! You don't have to be a Poodle to celebrate this French national holiday. We'd all love to hop a plane and picnic at the Eiffel Tower, but if your celebrations are keeping you a little more local, here's a couple of adorably French themed books! Amusez-vous! more
Dog Arthritis Pain Relief

Dog Arthritis Pain Relief

Category: Health
8 Tips to Give Your Dog Arthritis Pain Relief more
Cute Puppies

Cuteness Alert: Atlanta Humane Society Brings Puppies To Closed Aquarium For Too-Cute Outing

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Mini Me

Category: Dog Life
Modern research has shown that dogs, like children, watch what their caretakers do and take their cues from it. I’m sure most of us realize this, but did you know that your behaviour also influences your dog’s emotional response? A recent study shows that your dog’s behaviour is not only guided by what he sees you do, but also by your reactions to people and things. How you react shapes your dog’s emotional response to people and even to inanimate objects. That neighbour you don’t like? Turns out you’re the reason your dog doesn’t like him either! more
ConairPRO Groom With Love

Three Steps to Groom Your Pet with Love

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In Partnership with ConairPRO The grooming process can seem like a daunting task to some, but the key to a successful home grooming is knowing where and how to begin. Conair's specialty, ConairPRO Dog® & Cat™ - Groom With Love line walks you through the necessary steps and grooming tools needed to groom on your own. You can say goodbye to pricey professional grooming sessions and create a bonding moment with your pet by following three simple steps: Prep, Groom, and Finish. PREP more


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