Ice Cream for Dogs

DIY Eat: Ice Cream for Dogs

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INGREDIENTS 2 cups of natural plain yogurt (choose unsweetened, "live active culture" or "probiotic" yogurt. This makes it easier to digest and the "good bugs" are great for your dog's gut health) 1 ripe banana 1 cup of peanut butter 2 Tbsp honey MAKE IT! 1. Mash the banana and stir it into the natural, plain yogurt. more

5 Signs Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

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Football, hockey and soccer players are not the only ones to get sidelined due to knee problems. Just like athletes, dogs can end up with a cruciate ligament injury. In fact, cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia, and is the most frequently operated orthopedic condition in our canine friends.  more
Life Unleashed

How Four Dog Lovers Found A Creative, Unconventional Life Path

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Born and raised in Southern California, native west coaster Alison Turner has spent most of the last eight years on the road, accompanied by her adventurous four-legged sidekick named Max, her ever-present camera, and a pop-up camper. Alison and Max seldom stop in one place for too long, and their destination is decided on the morning they’re set to travel. For them, sleeping under the stars, running barefoot in the sand, and witnessing azure sunsets are everyday treats.  more

East Coast vs. West Coast

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How Much Exercise Is Right For Your Puppy?

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Keeping your energetic puppy active and engaged is important, but you need to be mindful of your puppy’s joints, says Dr. Felix Duerr, an Associate Professor in Small Animal Orthopedics and the head of the Orthopedic Medicine and Mobility Service at Colorado State University. A puppy’s joints can actually be quite fragile as the pup grows and the body changes, particularly if it’s a large breed or genetically predisposed to conditions like hip dysplasia. more


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