30 days to a better dog, learn tips, tricks and treats that will help your dog improve.

30 Days to a Better Dog

Category: Dog Training
Have you let problematic or just plain slightly annoying behaviour slide? Or is your dog a “good dog” and so you’ve just stopped brushing up on training, which is really time to engage with your dog, bond, and work together? In either case, we’ve created a 30-day action plan of fun, doable exercises and activities that take hardly any time but can reap huge rewards where your relationship with your dog is concerned. Dive right in—it’s just one simple suggestion per day.   more

CBD and your Dog

Category: Health
First off, what the heck is CBD? If you’re wondering what the heck is CBD, you’re not alone. Suddenly the initials are everywhere. You may know it’s not pot, but what exactly is it? CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from hemp and, unlike THC, it’s nonpsychoactive, meaning it won’t get you—or your pet—high. more
can my dog eat?

Can my Dog Eat...?

Category: Nutrition
Oats are a great alternative grain source for dogs that are allergic to wheat and a good source of fiber. Oats can help to settle the stomach and regulate your dog’s digestive tract, which can be particularly beneficial for older dogs with trouble maintaining bowel regularity. more
DIY Craft

DIY Craft: Make It! Quick & Easy Dog Treats with Super-Cute Labels

Category: Nutrition
Personalized Dog Treat Label 1. Download the customizable treat tin label template 2. Type the name of the canine recipient or the type of dog treats directly into the template. Print the labels onto full-page self-adhesive sticker sheets, available at office supply stores. 3. Cut out the label and stick it to your treat jar or tin. more
Canine Confidence and boosting your dogs confidence

Building Canine Confidence

Category: Dog Training
Like humans, dogs are born with a genetic blueprint that determines, in part, personality traits. Life experiences then contribute to the other half of the nature-nurture equation. While some dogs are genetically predisposed to being more confident, others are less so. An insecure dog might feel unsure when being introduced to novel situations or new locations, or when meeting strangers or unfamiliar dogs. more


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