A Special Delivery To Help Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

Wag Healthy Club
A Special Delivery To Help Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy


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Do You Have a Senior Dog?


At what age is a dog a senior? And, as a pet parent, what should you do differently to care for their evolving needs? These are questions I had as not only a first-time dog mom but as a dog mom to a newly adopted five-year-old husky.


If you do an internet search, you’ll see there is no definitive answer. Generally, dogs are considered seniors as early as 6 years old (for larger breeds) and 9-10 years old (for smaller breeds). What I didn’t initially realize is that adult dogs require evolving care as they age to support their health needs in areas like skin, heart, and joint health. It doesn’t mean they’re not fun, energetic puppies at heart – but that being proactive in their wellness keeps them youthful for longer.


Wag Healthy Club Helps Navigate Changing Health Needs


So where do you start? How do you research and choose the best products to proactively help your dog live their best life? A simple and fun way to learn about new products and see which ones are most effective for your dog is with a subscription box, like Wag Healthy Club. Wag Healthy Club is unique because it’s curated for dogs ages 5 and older and only includes full-size products from vet-recommended brands.


The Wag Healthy Club box arrives on your doorstep 4 times a year. Each box is centered around an important dog health issue (dental health, joint health, wellness, and skin & coat health) and includes:


  • Two full-sized products

  • Interactive toy

  • Bonus sample treats

Wag Healthy Club box

The box I received was centered around dental care and included MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Wipes and dailydose Dental Chew + Heart Health. These are a 2-in-1 treat – the outside only needs 30-seconds in your dog’s mouth to get rid of plaque and odor-causing bacteria, while the inside has a daily supplement for heart health. (My dog liked these so much, I went online and got him the dailydose Dental Chew + Calming, too.) And, of course, the toy was a hit! (puppy at heart!)


The best part? I saved money. Each box is valued at around $60, so I saved 20% by getting these products through the Wag Healthy Club. 



Where Do I Order One?


To give the Wag Healthy Club a try for your pup – visit Amazon.




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