Smiles Guaranteed!

Smiles Guaranteed
Smiles Guaranteed!
Next-level dog-photo ideas for memories that will last a lifetime




Free kisses!

The wonderful Ventura County, California-based rescue group C.A.R.L (Canine Adoption and Rescue League) created this kissing booth for their “Adopt Your Love-a-Bull Valentine” event. The resulting photos? Ridiculously cute! Steal this idea for adorable pictures of your own pup or approach your local rescue group with the idea. Not too handy with the power tools? For a real DIY effort, all you need is a large cardboard box, an X-Acto knife, and some paint! P.S. the dog in this photos, Tanner, is adoptable. Call (805) 644-7387 or email for more info or check out for more on this terrific organization.



Dapper Dogs 

Make any photo special by simply accessorizing. Affix a dapper bow tie to your dog’s collar for a debonair look that will deliver smiles. Paws N Claws Couture
( makes beautiful handmade dog bow ties that easily attach to your dog’s collar via Velcro. And they are a steal starting at just $5. At this price, your dog has no excuse for not dressing up. 



Next Stop, Coachella

What could be sweeter than a dog wearing a flower crown? This DIY photo prop delivers in a big way. Find the simple how-to for making your dog a flower crown—there are just four easy steps!—on our website at



It’s a Sign

This positive spin on the hilarious “dog shaming” photos that took the internet by storm uses a chalkboard sign to share a sweet statement about your dog. Or keep it even simpler—a hand-lettered piece of paper or cardboard sign is still super cute!

(Haven’t seen Think photos of guilty canine parties snapped wearing signs that share their transgressions, such as,“I ate a whole lasagna when no one was looking and then took a nap in the clean laundry.”)



Special Delivery!

Math we can all agree upon: dog + helium balloon = super-adorable. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks. Simply buy a helium balloon, tie it to your dog’s collar, and snap away! Bonus points if the balloon carries a message for its intended recipient, like happy anniversary, happy birthday, or marry me! Either way, definitely take some bonus video footage!

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