Rip Curl Ricki the Surfing Dog

Rip Curl Ricki the Surfing Dog
Finding inspiration in watching one dog change the world by doing what she loves.


Some things aren’t meant to be, and Ricochet, who was born and raised to be a service dog, learned that the hard way after she failed her training. Too interested in chasing birds and small prey, the dog was deemed unfit for service. Rather than falling into despair, after some creative thinking, she and Judy Fridono, her owner, decided that it didn’t mean she was unfit to help people, just that she had to go about it differently.

That’s how Rip Curl Ricki and Surfin’ for Paws-Abilities were born. Now, Ricochet has fundraised $10 000 for Patrick Ivison, a 15 year old who suffered a spinal injury when he was hit by a car. Ricochet’s sponsor, Web MD, also gave Patrick a 3-year physical therapy grant to learn to walk again, and Ricochet raised the money to provide him with a guide dog.

A video about Ricki and how she eventually ended up a SURFice dog instead of a service dog has received more than 1/2 a million hits in recent weeks! See it here.

Now, while waiting for surfing season to begin again, Ricochet is passing the time with her new fundraiser, “Surfin’ Santa Paws’, a toy drive to benefit Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, Hurley's Living the Dream Foundation, and CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange County.

Visit her website to learn how to volunteer, donate, or sponsor Ricki!

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