Preorder your popcorn...

Preorder your popcorn...
Wes Anderson’s newest movie combines the director’s signature style with our favourite subject—dogs!


As huge Wes Anderson fans—where does one begin: The Royal Tennenbaums, Rushmore, Grand Budapest Hotel?—we positively can’t wait for the director’s newest offering, a dog-centered stop-motion film called Isle of Dogs. Akin to The Fantastic Mr. Fox and characterized by Anderson’s signature whimsical style, Isle of Dogs takes place in a dystopian, futuristic Japan, where an outbreak of canine flu leads to all dogs being banished by Japanese authorities to an island of garbage. As five dogs—voiced by the all-star cast of Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Bob Balaban—try to adjust to their new existence, they come across a boy named Atari Kobayashi, who has come to the island in search of his own dog. Despite their grievances with mankind, the dogs agree to set out on an odyssey to reunite Atari with his dog Spots, and to protect Atari from government authorities when they try to keep boy and dog apart.

Mark your calendars: this must-watch movie is in theatres on March 23rd in the U.S. and April 2018 internationally.

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