A Photo Contest That’s All Good

A Photo Contest That’s All Good
Rescue Dog Photo Contest


Just as you’re asking yourself what could be better than a seriously adorable shelter-dog-turned-canine-actor paired with Ewan McGregor (aka the new Mike Mills movie, Beginners, in theatres now) this pops up—a cool photo contest that Focus Features is running in conjunction with GOOD to help raise awareness for pet adoption. Watch the trailer for Beginners (prepare to fall in love with a scruffy scene stealer...feel free to interpret that as either the dog or Ewan) and enter the contest here. Not only will you be helping to spread the word that shelter dogs rule, but the three entrants with the most votes from GOOD’s community will receive:

- A personalized sketch of their dog by illustrator and Beginners writer/director Mike Mills
- A copy of the book “Drawings From The Film Beginners” signed by Mills
- A Beginners movie poster signed by Mills and Ewan McGregor
- The Beginners Soundtrack
- A GOOD T-shirt 
- A year subscription to GOOD magazine

Good, right?

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