The Perfect Leash For Controlled Walks

The Perfect Leash For Controlled Walks
This nifty leash lets you walk your dog close and can be worn around your dog's neck once you get to the park!


Modern Dog team member Mariah’s large Shepherd, Maverick, needs very controlled walks—normal leashes always leave too much slack to deal with. Enter the ingenious The Only Leash, designed for big dogs and made from a short loop of bungee (there’s tons of colours and patterns to choose from) that keeps your dog close to you when in use and slips easily over your dog’s head and out of the way when he’s allowed off-leash. Genius! A perfectly controlled on-leash walk and no leash to hang on to or struggle to unclip when it’s time for off-leash fun! It's perfect for outings to the pet store or dog park. $20,

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