Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract
Ain't love grand?


"Look at me. Just look at me. I love you. Did you hear me? I love you!" Ceasar submitted by Allan MacDonald


"Baby backpacks are making a comeback." Moose submitted by Linda and Sandie


"Mad rays, mad love." Ripley submitted by Norma Hartwell


"When everything in the world is exactly as it should be." Bentley and Rosa Lee submitted by Cassie


"Whatcha lookin at? Huh? Never seen a couple of dogs in the bushes before? Huh?" Benji and Luna submitted by Naded and Enzo


"It's just us against the world!" Coop and Meatball submitted by Julia


"Just another day in paradise." Sunny and Dingo submitted by James


"You, light up my life. You give me hope, to carry on. You, light up my days and fill my nights, with song." Cash and Chula submitted by Lenny


"Hey. Wanna be friends?" Leonardo submitted by Jessica Neal

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