Next Case: People vs. Peeing Puppy

Next Case: People vs. Peeing Puppy
Couple claims false advertising


Someone better call Judge Judy. In a bitter court battle, a couple from Rockland, New York, is suing the pet store that sold them a “litter-trained” Maltese puppy because she, allegedly, peed on the floor. In a terribly underhanded move, the pet store advertised the puppy as “litter-trained” when, apparently, she really wasn’t, relying upon the irresistible charms of the adorable, innocent puppy to perpetrate this fiendish fraud.

The couple is suing for the purchase price of the puppy, the cost of her veterinary visit, and her litter box. Evidently, Maya, the precious Maltese at the heart of this controversy, wasn’t charming enough to make her irreplaceable to the couple who purchased her, and the entire scheme unraveled at the seams.

No word on a settlement just yet, but we’re hoping the judge rules in Maya’s favour, and that she finds a home with people who know the risks of purchasing a puppy at a pet store, and who will love her despite any number of accidents she may have.

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