A Natural Solution To Separation Anxiety

A Natural Solution To Separation Anxiety
The CBD's found in hemp just might be the calming fix you're looking for!


Many of us have heard of the benefits of hemp-derived CBD products for pain management, but may be surprised to learn that they’re also helpful in addressing behavioural problems, such as separation anxiety. Read on to find out how CBDs could help your anxious dog!

Does your dog have separation anxiety, appear stressed, or exhibit problematic hyperactivity? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help? A hemp-based CBD product may be the remedy you’re looking for! Dr. Robert Silver, a licensed and nationally renowned holistic veterinarian explains why:

Hemp contains CBD (cannabidiol) molecules. The CBD’s found in hemp, a type of marijuana that can be legally grown as it produces less than 0.3% THC, won’t get your pet high and can be legally obtained. CBD’s act like a key turning on or off certain functions within cells. For instance:
• They can stimulate serotonin production, a neurotransmitter that improves appetite and reduces anxiety
• They have anti-inflammatory benefits
• They have anti-psychotic benefits
• They can have sedative properties (at higher dosages)
• They have anti-pain benefits as they can bind with a nerve cell causing the nerve cell to reduce production of pain causing chemicals
• They reduce stimulatory neurotransmittors that result in seizures
• They can turn on an immune cell so it works better
• They can reduce the growth of blood vessels that a tumor needs in order for it to grow and spread

We see very good benefits from the cannabinoid extracts from hemp that contain CBD for anxiety and behaviour problems, hyperactivity, and restlessness at night, but the jury is still out as far as whether they can help with fear-based aggression. It is probable, however, that they work for that as well, since they help with anxiety. (Separation anxiety can be a difficult condition to address, so it may be necessary to use CBD’s in combination with calming drugs or other calming herbs, as well as with behavioural modification techniques.)

Start with a low dose, and gradually, over weeks, increase it to avoid problems, and to find the best dose for that dog and that condition.
CBDs are safe in dogs (whereas THC on the other hand, when administered in too high a dose can be toxic) so I recommend hemp as a place to start with cannabis therapy in dogs.

For more information on how medial marijuana works and how it can help your pet, pick up Dr. Silver’s book, Medical Marijuana & Your Pet.

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