The Most Heartwarming Prank Ever!

Heartwarming Prank
The Most Heartwarming Prank Ever!
You have to watch this amazing, feel-good video (we cried to see every single one of the senior dogs adopted)


This may well be the best prank ever. Sherri Stankewitz, a pet rescuer and owner of West Coast Animal Rescue, has given up everything to dedicate her life to saving abandoned dogs. She's so dedicated to her shelter that she actually lives there herself. So when it looks like the adoption fair she's planned is going to be shut down for lack of proper permits, an upset Sherri doesn't know what do. But it turns out it's a prank conducted by pranks-for-good campaigners Prank It FWD and in actuality they have not only arranged for a new trailer for transporting her animals and a donation to pay her operating expenses for the next year but found pre-vetted homes for every single one of her dogs, including the seniors. We cried. Watch the feel-good video--and have some Kleenex on hand!

- NN

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