the Scottish Terrier

Meet the Scottish Terrier!

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Should You Get a Dog for an Aging Family Member?

Should You Get a Dog for an Aging Family Member?

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Confined to a wheelchair after a leg amputation and with no immediate family nearby, life in St. Louis, Missouri, was a lonely one for Marilyn Johnson. Days could pass without the 77-year-old speaking to a single person. But that all changed when she adopted Diva, a sweet Cocker Spaniel given up by a breeder because of her “unusual blue eyes.” Johnson says now with the “sassy spaniel” by her side she’s become a social butterfly and has met everyone in her neighbourhood. more

Dogs The Size of Grizzly Bears Roamed Prehistoric Earth

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You may think Great Danes or St. Bernards are pretty massive, but ancient dogs have our current canines beat. The largest dog to ever live was about the size of a grizzly bear—and hunted in the same way as a modern-day fox, say scientists. more

Could Your Dog Benefit from CBD?

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From dinner parties to the dog park and progressive vet offices, there’s a reason you keep hearing about CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly called, is a hemp derivative that is non-psychoactive, meaning that, unlike THC, it won’t get you or your dog high. CBD is now legal in both Canada (Health Canada recently approved a clinical trial to research the use of cannabidiol to treat animal anxiety) and the US, where it is federally legal, though some states put restrictions on buyers. more

‘Talking’ Dog Takes Over TikTok

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Talking dogs aren’t just a thing in books or TV anymore. Thanks to the brilliance of talking-button-assisted communication and TikTok, plenty of super smart pooches are showing off their newfound abilities—including internet star Bunny. more


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