9 Interesting Dog Facts

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Photo thelmagestocks/ Hear, Hear more

DIY Eat: Turkey & Sweet Potato Pie for Pups

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Cranberries, which contain vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, to help fight urinary tract infections. more

Know Your Terriers

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The Rat Terrier more
Don't forget your dog

Returning to the office? Don't forget your dog

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Separation anxiety in dogs can be caused by a sudden change in the schedule, a move to a new house or the sudden absence of a family member, whether it’s a divorce, a death in the family or even an owner who is going back to work post-covid. If your dog has separation issues, there are some things you can do: First, be proactive. Before you have to go back to work: more

12 Ways To Make Your Dog Smarter & Happier

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Worried your dog may be bored or not learning enough? Follow these tips to boost their mood and keep them engaged. Photo Life on White/ more


Dog of the Week!

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