Could the Pug or the Papillon be the Breed for You?

Could the Pug or the Papillon be the Breed for You?

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The Papillon Social Butterfly The elegant and extroverted Papillon could not have a more fitting name. The name “Papillon,” French for butterfly, is actually a reference to the breed’s distinctive widespread, wing-like ears, but it could equally well refer to the breed’s gregarious personality. more
Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

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Improving Canine Dental Health

The Water Additive That’s Improving Canine Dental Health

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Is brushing your dog’s teeth a battle? Oxyfresh offers a no-brush option to help reduce plaque and tartar. The Ultimate Pet Bad Breath Solution Kit is a non-toxic and alcohol-free dental care solution that helps to eliminate bacteria, coupled with a dental gel to further target plaque and bacteria. With its tasteless and odourless formula, this combination is perfect for dogs who are picky with new products. more

Heeding the Heart’s Calling

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When a follower alerted Jesse Adams, founder of RainCoast Dog Rescue, to Golden Retriever Zoe’s plight, he knew he had to do something—even though Zoe was in Lebanon and Adams is based in Canada. “I have never been one to back down from a challenge, especially to help save an animal’s life,” says Adams. He was determined to intervene on behalf of the chained, emaciated Golden who endured forced breeding and abuse. more

Does Breed Predict Behaviour?

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I can’t count the number of times I have heard people complain about the dog they selected as a pet. I am continually hearing things like,“I chose a Golden Retriever because all of the books describe the breed as being really smart and easy to train. So I got one. Unfortunately, I think that I have seen river rocks that are more trainable than my Golden Retriever is.” Similar refrains go something like this: “Because I have kids, I checked all of the breed descriptions to find a friendly breed of dog. more


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