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We're going to Global Pet Expo 2019!

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We've packed our bags and are on our way to Orlando for Global Pet Expo 2019! If you're attending the show make sure to check out these Modern Dog approved Global Pet Expo exhibitors for the latest and greatest products on the market. Stop by their booth, say hi, and grab a complimentary copy of Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine!             more

Look What We Found!

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Keep your dog’s long ears out of his food with a Buster IncrediBowl ($15)! This innovatively designed food dish has a narrower opening that allows your dog’s snout to enter, but keeps his ears comfortably out of the bowl. The genius result? A tidier dinnertime and a dog that doesn't smell like his dinner! more

Find Your Dream Dog: Shelter Dog Temperament Testing

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Have you ever shopped for a house? Real estate advertising can often be misleading. A “charming home, perfect for first-time buyers” translates to the house is the size of a shoebox. “Quaint cottage” means the plumbing is ancient and electricity nowhere near to code. When looking for a home, you need to learn to read between the lines to find the real house within. Is it your dream home or a disaster? This also applies when looking through the ads for rescue dogs. more

Apps for Dog Lovers

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Walk For A Dog Available: For Apple and Android Price: Free */ /*-->*/ more
Do Dogs Grieve Over A Lost Loved One?

Do Dogs Grieve Over A Lost Loved One?

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I recently attended a lecture given by an eminent art historian about how the emotions of animals and humans have been depicted in artworks over the centuries. At one point in his talk he showed a photo of Sir Edwin Landseer's 1837 painting, “The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner.” The central figure in this painting is a dog who rests his head on the simple wooden coffin of his human companion, the old shepherd of the painting's title. This scholar's comment was that this was one of the most perfect representations of grief in a dog. more


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