Holiday Dog Grooming

Holiday Dog Grooming Prep and Techniques

Category: Dog Life
The holidays are approaching so it’s time to put your best paw forward for friends and family! Our friends at ConairPro Dog & Cat have come up with some simple holiday dog grooming tips, made easy with their Grooming Starter Kit, to make sure your pup is looking his best amidst the crazy holiday prep.  more
New Year's Resolutions

9 New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Dogs

Category: Inspire
1. Treat Yourself—Take some time give yourself something special.  Photographer Christian Vieler captures dogs going in for a treat—see more here!   more

Never Give Up

Category: Inspire
One of my favourite activities happens once a year, on the day after Labor Day. The local pool opens up to local dogs before it closes for the season. I love it because she loves it. more

The Great Green Grass of Home

Category: Health
For dogs and kids, nothing beats an expanse of natural green grass. For one, unlike artificial turf, there are no issues with odour build-up, an obvious concern for dog people. It’s also softer and it’s natural, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and filtering groundwater through its roots. Natural grass also helps to delay runoff, reduce erosion, and cool urban heat, and provides an ecosystem for thousands of crawling critters. more
A Custom Diet For Your Dog

A Custom Diet For Your Dog

Category: Nutrition
How cool is this? You can now order up wholesome, fresh, natural, & organic dog food, customized to your dog's specific needs. more


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