Share Why You Give Back

Share Why You Give Back

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We heart John Paul Pet and Paul Mitchell, makers of awesome grooming products for both pets and people. Not only are we crazy about their hair care products (both people and animal), they’re forerunners in the cruelty-free movement and are all about charitable giving. Now through November, they’ll donate $1 to charity for every tweet or Instagram post sharing why you give back. (One per person, up to $200,000 total.) Just hashtag #GivingIsMyStyle! more
Halloween Dog

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

Category: Health
Halloween is a night of tricks and treats...and trouble for dogs. Many of us have heard that chocolate is dangerous for dogs.  While this is true, there’s more dangers to Halloween than what’s inside of your fun-sized candy bars. I am here to help you keep this fun night from becoming a horror movie for you and your dog. more
Cold Weather Gear Guide

The Cold Weather Gear Guide

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A Love Letter or, My Dog's Journey to Become a Diamond

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I can hardly write this without my eyes brimming. My little dog Rose. Where to begin? Her journey through this life was marred by unspeakable cruelty but we did our best to make up for her rough beginnings, that dark period before she came to us. more

Toys! Toys! Toys!

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Dog of the Week!

Meet: Cody