1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years?

1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years? Think Again.

Category: Dog Life
Most dog people are familiar with the stock-standard formula ‘one dog year equals seven human years.’ The problem is this equation was never based on strong scientific research. more
Destination Mexico

Destination Mexico

Category: Travel
Incantations: Private plunge pool, mezcal, moon shower… if these words conjure delight, start looking into Yucatan-bound flights (closest airports: Cancun or Cozumel) that allow small dogs to travel in-cabin, because do we have a destination for you… Destination: The Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico more
5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Category: Dog Life
From loving gazes to simple nearness, these five signs your dog is giving you indicate a connection that goes far past a room-and-board relationship. # 1 Your dog greets you at the door more

DIY Craft: Braided Dog Collar with Tassel

Category: Dog Life
Materials ⇒ 5/32-inch thick nylon rope or cotton rope ⇒ 1-inch harness ring ⇒ 2-inch spring snap hook  (harness ring and snap hook available online or at hardware stores) ⇒ Measuring tape ⇒ Scissors ⇒ Lighter or matches more

Meet Mr. Breakfast

Category: Inspire
The cards were definitely stacked against Mr. Breakfast, who was rescued from a dog fighting ring in San Diego, CA, and was almost completely deaf due to the close cropping of his ears and subsequent infections. With a couple failed adoptions behind him, no one could have guessed this fierce-looking, unwanted dog would turn out to be a sweetheart with a passion for surfing. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Cody