Tiny Dog Stories—Fall 2021

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Canine Social Director Until our Rat Terrier, Cali, adopted us three years ago, I’d never realized that I knew almost no one in our neighborhood. Cali never met anyone she didn’t like and she has introduced me to all of them on our daily walks. more

Modern Dog's Fall 2021 Issue is Here!

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Mutt Day - Best Friends

In Honor of National Mutt Day on July 31: The Top 5 Reasons Why Mutts Rule!

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America has a long history of affection for mutts. Two of cinema’s most famous dogs – Spike from “Old Yeller” and Higgins from “Benji” - were mutts adopted from shelters. Heroic mutts such as Balto, the sled dog who brought lifesaving diphtheria medication to remote corners of Alaska, are immortalized in bronze statue form. Even the currently fashionable “doodles” selling for thousands of dollars are a mix of two dogs (which is really just a mutt).  more
Wasabi the Peke

Westminster 2021 Highlights!

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The 145th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is in the books! Being the second longest consecutively held sporting event in the United States, Westminster is already steeped in history, but this year’s show was historic in its own way. For the first time, it was held in the month of June and outside of Manhattan at the Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York. This was also the first time Westminster events were held outdoors. The Gould family was the last family to own the Lyndhurst Estate before it was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1961. more

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