Let It Snow!

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Cash submitted by Kathy Kleeberg Ocho submitted by Kim Fowler Vega submitted by Julia Morrow more
Dog On The Job

Dog On The Job

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The Modern Dog office is, of course, SUPER dog friendly, so a regular day at the office sees the canine team camped out under desks, patrolling the lunch room, and enthusiastically greeting couriers. One of the perks of the job, aside from accompanying favourite humans to the office, is the dogs get to try out A LOT of dog products, from beds, toys, and gear to food and treats (drool). In short, the office dogs know their stuff when it comes to the best dog products out there, so in this issue we’ve profiled canine staffer Gyoza and his top dog gear picks. more
DIY Craft: Chalkboard Dog Bowl

DIY Craft: Chalkboard Dog Bowl

Category: Dog Life
This super cute project just so happens to be super easy. With just a few items—a ceramic bowl, chalkboard finish spray paint, and painter’s tape—you can whip up a cool new bowl for your dog and then personalize it with cute sayings! Why not make a few extra as gifts while you’re at it? This DIY costs less than $20 start to finish! more

Destructive Chewing

Category: Dog Training
Q: My six-month-old Weimaraner puppy is a holy terror, destroying EVERYTHING. She's even chewed the couch and the edge of the stairs. She destroys anything she can get her paws on whether we're home or not. What can I do about this? Please help!  more
Dog’s Dying Wish

Mailman Fulfills Dog’s Dying Wish

Category: Inspire
When Gretchen the German Shepherd was rescued by the Cimino family in 2013, they were worried about her wariness of anyone who wasn’t part of the family. But that all changed when postal worker Fernando Barboza started taking the time to make Gretchen feel comfortable.  more


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