Meet The New Kid on the Block

the Bracco Italiano
Meet The New Kid on the Block
American Kennel Club recognizes its 200th breed, the Bracco Italiano


Say hello to the Bracco Italiano, the 200th breed to be fully recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Joining the Sporting Group, the Bracco Italiano is an ancient breed, its history reaching back to the fourth or fifth century. It is one of two native gundogs from Italy, developed to hunt, point, and retrieve. Bracchi are tireless in the field. They are powerful and need daily exercise. These dogs are known to be sensitive and gentle-natured and become close friends with children. They thrive on human companionship and are loyal, affectionate, and playful. Their short coats are easily maintained, requiring only a few minutes of brushing each week to keep the coat in good condition.

Is a Bracco Italiano right for you? “The Bracco Italiano is a strong, active, and sturdy breed of dog that would make a great companion for active families,” says Gina DiNardo, AKC Executive Secretary. “The breed loves people and would be best suited for a family that can give it the love and attention it needs.”

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