“Life is a Series of Treats”

“Life is a Series of Treats”
Video shot by dog


Filmmaker and dog-lover Steven Andrew Garcia recently collaborated on a video-installation, "Life is a Series of Treats," with his dog, Laika. In it, Laika spends a day in Echo Park while wearing a small camera to document her interests, including trash, food, butterflies, chasing birds, and other dogs. You know, the usual. What is unusual is that the video is shot entirely by Laika. The utterly charming, disorienting footage, set to a delightful song by High Places (myspace.com/​hellohighplaces), captures summer’s very essence and has us wishing for the speedy arrival of those long, lazy dog days.


Life Is A Series Of Treats (shot by a dog) from Steven Andrew Garcia on Vimeo.


Video shot entirely by a dog (Laika)
Conceptualized and edited by Steven Andrew Garcia
Music: High Places "Head Spins"

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