Off Leash Adventures

Off Leash Adventures
New range of leash connective toys are perfect for the adventuring pup!


Perfect for the dog park or bigger excursions, Dexas’ new line of adventure driven off-leash toys are a must have for all dog owners. Featuring a convenient and innovative integrated clip, the toys quickly connect to the leash, allowing for hands-free transport and easy release when your dog is ready to play. You can choose from three different styles depending on what type of toy your dog likes: a Frisbee Flyer, ridged ball or oblong tumbler, all with a removable leash attachment. Both the ball and tumbler have a hollow centre for hiding treats or kibble to encourage play and keep your pup occupied. What’s also great is that the toys are made from a super sturdy rubber making them long lasting and perfect for heavy chewers. And all the toys are also waterproof and float, adding to their adventure-based toy status. Whether you’re at the park, on a hike, at the beach, or pretty much anywhere else, these toys are easy to pack along and are designed to handle whatever your dog throws at them! A Modern Dog staffers' two thumbs up! ($15, Find it on Amazon)

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