Kali’s Wish

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Kali’s Wish
From support to care packages, help for those battling canine cancer


After losing her beloved Golden Retriever, Kali, to cancer, Laura Leah English channeled her grief into giving back. The loss of her dog inspired her to start Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation, an organization focused on helping other dog parents navigate the devastating diagnosis of canine cancer. As the first registered charity in Canada uniquely dedicated to helping families facing pet cancer, education and support are at the heart of their mission.

Laura Leigh English and Kali
Photo courtesy Kali's Wish Cancer Foundation

Their online Health Hub is packed with information and resources for pet cancer prevention, symptoms, treatments, and more. Plus, if you are in Canada and dealing with a canine cancer diagnosis, you can request a free care package for your dog and connect with other pet parents dealing with pet cancer. Donate or find out more at kaliswish.org.

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